Saturday, August 19, 2017


Steely Dan with Do it Again. From their debut album Can't buy a Thrill (1972).

If you did not know yet that Donald Fagen and Walter Becker named their band after a dildo featuring in a novel by Beat Generation William Burroughs, you know it now. IIRC, they dug his corpse up from the grave to do a cameo in that nineties flick with Matt Dillon, chips, can't remember the title.

Dang. Had to look it up. That movie was Drugstore Cowboy, from 1989, and it also featured Kelly Lynch. Also, it wasn't Burrough's corpse they set up, it was a live Burroughs, he still walked the Earth. Somewhat.

Christopher Cross with Ride Like the Wind. From his debut album Christopher Cross (1980).

There's backing vocals from Michael MacDonald (The Doobie Brothers).

Slaap wel.



Switzerland has, for European standards, rather liberal gun laws, as citizens are permitted to freely purchase and own semi-automatic guns. The most reliable surveys suggest around a quarter of the population owns fire weapons. It should be noted however that a decade ago, that number was hovering around 100 per cent.

Even while privately owned guns in Switzerland seem to be on the way out, the EU wants to impose tighter gun controls on the Alpine country, because gun control is SO effective in combating crime and terrorism. While Switzerland is not part of the EU, it is a member of the Schengen Zone, so the EU does have some leverage.

This gentleman elaborates on a fascinating historical anecdote to make his point that Switzerland should NOT bow to EU Diktats:

Hat tip Gates of Vienna.


Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Via our Brothers-in-Arms at Gates of Vienna, this horrific video, showing the muslim mayor of Oldham near Manchester, Shadab Qumer, recently opening a council meeting by requesting an imam to lead the room in prayer.

These dhimmis now have the blood of those murdered in the Manchester arena on their hands.

This is a nightmare plain and simple. Winston Churchill turns in his grave.


Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Via the Wall Street Journal:


Kim Jong Un warns he could change his mind if the U.S. persists in ‘extremely dangerous reckless actions’

By Jonathan Cheng

Updated Aug. 14, 2017 9:36 p.m. ET

"SEOUL—North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has decided not to launch a threatened missile attack on Guam, Pyongyang’s state media reported on Tuesday, but warned that he could change his mind “if the Yankees persist in their extremely dangerous reckless actions.”

Voilà, that's how you deal with loons like Kim Jong-Un. The Prize for Ridiculous Twat of The Day goes to Angela Merkel, who a mere six days ago "ordered" Trump to "calm down" with his "rethoric". A spokesman for Merkel's Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel, a Mr Schaefer, was quoted as saying:

"The situation is really serious. Further sabre rattling will certainly not help us here." "We therefore call for moderation from all parties." "Diplomatic channels are the only way forward." ”This is the only way to mitigate the threat of the North Korean nuclear programme."

Nobody else but the German government should know better than that appeasement does-not-work. In the thirties, Winston Churchill was lambasted all over Europe, and especially in his own country, for his "inflammatory rhetoric" re the threat he rightly perceived in Nazi Germany. Churchill was considered the warmonger, and Herr Hitler even regarded as the civil one. Judging by MSM coverage and the reaction of Keith Ellison, who tought the NORK Lunatic-in-Chief acted 'more responsibly than Trump', l'histoire se répète...

Also, it should not be forgotten who got us in this mess in the first place:

THERE's a shining example of a moderate who successfully mitigated the threat of the North Korean nuclear programme. NOT.

Anyway, if you had not heard yet that Kim Jong-Un backed off with a load of poop dripping down over his ankles, blame bozos like Jimmy Fallon, who is still obsessing over President Trump's remarks re the Charlottesville riots.



On hearing that another smug holier-than-thou know-it-all - Kevin Plank of Under Armour - left President Trump's American Manufacturing Council over the President's perceived weak message re the Charlottesville riots, I decided to check out WHO exactly is on that council and WHO has thus far demonstrated the most mature reaction to said riots.

It did not take me long to decide it was Michael Dell, founder, Chairman and CEO of Dell Technologies Inc.:

Via Business Insider, here's Dell Technologies statement:

Michael Dell, Dell Technologies, will remain on the council. "While we wouldn't comment on any member's personal decision, there's no change in Dell engaging with the Trump administration and governments around the world to share our perspective on policy issues that affect our company, customers, and employees," a spokeswoman said.

This is exactly how a responsible CEO should react. Reading down BI's list, I came across far too many CEO's who gave the impression that they drank too much of the multiculti diversity Kool Aid. Multiculturalism is another word for Orchestrated Western Demise. Only in the West is this vile ideology celebrated. Streets in Beijing and in Madras and in Harare look recognizably Chinese, Indian and African, and will continue to do so. Only the West is asked that it radically changes its appearance and character. CEO's representing powerful companies from a civilization that invented 99 per cent of the world's technologies, defined DNA, and put men on the Moon, should NOT subscribe to a hateful concoction of insane Frankfurter School witch doctors.

Diversity is, or should be, a state that is the result of an osmosis of the most competent ones in a company's 'fabric', NOT of a deliberate policy to meet minority quotas. The strength of companies (and by extension nations) should solely rely on merits. If a company or a society hires the most able applicants and it turns out the roster is overwhelmingly white, well, tough luck for Africans, Asians or Middle Easterners. They should go home and study hard to try again later. If that company turns out majority Black, so be it. If 90% is of Asian stock, ditto. It follows that diversity on the workfloor should be a condition, a state, that is uniquely the outcome of the competencies of the individuals vying for a job at that company. And if some groups are overrepresented, or if some would think that this or that group is underrepresented, then this must be accepted, and those who disagree should only resort on demonstrations of competency to alter the respective representation of their group.


Sunday, August 13, 2017


A short but telling video of what caused the downfall of Venezuela's economy by libertarian journalist Nicholas Gillespie:

Just remember that Joseph Stiglitz, the Nobel Prize Winner for Economy 2001, who in 2007 heaped praise upon Hugo Chavez' economic model....

.... endorsed Hillary Clinton for President.


Saturday, August 12, 2017


Fountains of Wayne with Sink to the Bottom, from their self-titled 1996 debut album.

Ah, the nineties. How I remember rejoicing this song on morning radio on the N42, off to dreary work and truckloads of stress!

The mid-nineties really saw a spate of damn good rock and rock varieties both in the UK and the USA. As for FOW, they formed in New York in 1995. The name reportedly comes from a lawn ornament biz, now defunct, in the township of Wayne, New Jersey.

Then Arcade Fire with Everything Now. From the recently released album of the same name.

Canadian indie rock band from Montreal.



Friday, August 11, 2017


Dutch pundit site Geenstijl reports:

"Google affiliate Youtube has tonight, and over the past few weeks, demonitized several channels and videos of popular rightwingsites.

This means that the makers will from now on not earn money anymore (or less) for certain videos they put online, because ads are removed and because advertizers are advised to no longer put pre-rolls with certain creators. Among the demonitizing victims we find Paul Joseph Watson (aka PrisonPlanet), who saw many videos being put 'kaltgestellt' (before he had been thrown off FB), Black Pigeion which lost 90 per cent of its income, and Luke Rudkowski (WeAreChange). Moreover, their videos are more difficult to find and they are no longer recommended. Last day all three of them made protest videos:"

Here's Mark Dice weighing in:

The Left's war on freedom of speech has a long, long history. Long before anti-racism laws, the bruhaha of unis cancelling speeches from conservative authors, the firings of Brendan Eich, Bill O'Reilly or James Damore, leftist regimes sought to suppress the voices of those not swallowing their worldview. That is not to say that rightwing regimes have sometimes not been doing just the same -
they did, but generally with far less bloodshed, plus only temporarily.

What we are witnessing is but a mere continuation of those policies, an affirmation of the generally accepted (among the left) modus operandi of silencing opponents, and umpteenth proof that leftists ARE_NOT-INTERESTED-IN-DEBATE. They only want you to shut up.



First off, sorry for the very light blogging. Vacation came in the way PLUS I'm trying to figure out what to do with the visual content. Photobucket all of a sudden charges its customers a whopping 400 US$ if not more if you use their facilities for third party hosting, i.e. link on your blog to PB-stored pictures.

For now my photos are safe (I paid the cheapest plan so far, but that does not allow 3rd party hosting), but I'm not sure I want to continue with PB for visuals on DowneastBlog. Continuing...

Then, unless you spent your time in Mogadishu or Nuuk you must have heard about Google's firing of 28-year old software engineer James Damore. Needless to say, over here we stand with Mr Damore, although we've got some issues with things he said about rightwing characteristics. Here's Stefan Molyneux' interview:


Friday, July 21, 2017


Check out the International Space Station's interior using Google Streetview here.

 photo ISS_cupola_zpshu3kpoba.jpg

The cupola with its six huge viewing ports offers stunning sights on our home planet. You can see a venerable Soyuz spacecraft docked to the ISS.

A Soyuz docks. A SpaceX Dragon berths. There's a difference, it's got something to do with the docking manoeuvre being solely between the Space Station and the visiting spaceship (in this case the Soyuz), while for berthing the spaceship, in this case the Dragon, is 'grabbed' by the Canadarm2, its movement dampened, and put ever so cautiously on the berthing port. Since this is a relatively simple design, not using shock absorbers and all kinds of automated locks like a docking port, a berthing port can be bigger, hence bigger items can be brought into the ISS.

Canadarm2 is the further development of Canadarm1 which was used on the Space Shuttle. Canadarm2 was deployed first on STS-100 in April 2001, and has a length of 17.6 m (58 ft) when it's fully extended. It's got seven motorized joints (an 'elbow hinge' in the middle, 3 rotary joints at each of the 'wrist/shoulder' ends). Weighing 1,800 kg (4,000 lb), it has a diameter of 35 cm (14 in), and it is capable of handling huge payloads of up to 116,000 kg (256,000 lb). Most marvellous of all, it is self-relocatable and can move end-over-end to reach many parts of the Space Station in an inchworm-like movement, as long as there are dedicated anchor points (PDGF's, Power Data Grapple Fixtures).



Our continent is going to hell in a handbasket.

Mind you, the events described date from JANUARY, but I missed them completely, courtesy the MSM which then, as now, was foaming at the mouth because of what happened on NOV 9, 2016.

Better late than never to bring this, for this is the fate that awaits Whites in Europe.

 photo ireland_2017_zpsm6ry013q.jpg

Over at Cambrian Dissenters, Daniel Thomas sheds some light on the issue:

"... It was patriotism and the overwhelming love of Ireland that drove the uprising against British rule but where is that patriotism now?

Why has the sovereignty for which Irish patriots sacrificed their lives been meekly surrendered to unelected foreign bureaucrats in Brussels especially when it was known that membership of the EU meant the destruction of the independent nation state of Ireland and the replacement of its culture and way of life with a so-call ‘multi-cultural society’?

The modern Irish are the antithesis of the previous generations who fought and died for Ireland. Overtly sensitive and wracked with political correctness they wouldn’t dream of picking up a rifle and fighting to regain their dignity and restore the independence of the Emerald Isle.

Men like James Connelly who was so badly wounded after the Easter Rising of 1916 he had to be strapped to a chair before he was put up against the wall of Kilmainham Gaol and shot.

Along with the thirteen other leaders of the uprising who were also executed, he would be rolling in his grave that the Ireland he sacrificed his life for is now a bankrupt third world backwater dictated to by foreign bureaucrats who could care less about Irish history or the wellbeing of the Irish people.

The archetypal Irishman is now represented by the drug addled Saint Bob Geldof who fled the Emerald Isle to live with the ancient enemy in England and his virtue signaling pal Bono whose incessant calls to open the borders to the hordes of economic migrants from Africa are as tedious as his records.

Hyphenation of nationalities is the means by which the global elite divide and rule communities and signal the end of the homogeneous nation state and its culture. It is also used to impress upon the subject people that they no longer exist as an exclusively indigenous entity in their own native land.

African-Irish is the phrase used to describe these rioting immigrants who are as much Irish as James Connolly is a Nigerian but nevertheless they are now recognized as bona fide Irish folk.

African-Irish join other such manufactured citizen groups as Pakistani-British and Somali-Americans etc. and by design this phony hyphenated system does not work in reverse for the simple reason that it’s only the Judeo-Christian countries from the developed world that are scheduled for ‘un-homogenising’.

This is the politically correct term for ethnic cleansing or cultural replacement preferred by the UN/EU elites as they construct their egalitarian, borderless one-world wet dream.

It is extremely unlikely one will read about white Irish-Africans rioting in Lagos or white British-Pakistanis rioting in Islamabad let alone white American-Somalis rioting in Mogadishu...."

A video featuring an American couple which was at the receiving end of wonderful multiculturalism:



Once again sorry for the light blogging, awful lot to do lately, business has been exceptionally tough this year. Yet here's a tidbit I wouldn't want to deny you. Via De Standaard, which is happy to report:

 photo zweden_ontkenning_2017_zps9igabmnt.jpg

"After the Swedish music festival Bråvalla quits after an epidemic of sexual violence against women, plans are being prepared to organize a women-only festival 'until men behave'.

'What do you (gals) think about organizing a very cool festival where only women are welcome until all men have learned how to behave themselves?' Swedish radio presenter and comedian Emma Knyckare posted this message on Twitter after it was announced that the well-known Swedish music festival Bråvalla would stop after cases of sexual harassment against women?"

Silly talk like that from a Swedish brainless twat reminds me of an Ann Coulter anecdote with which she perfectly nailed the PC dogmas nixing ethnic/religious profiling in airports. It went a bit like this:

Officials scrutinizing studiously the robes of an eighty year old quadriplegic nun while not batting an eye when suspiciously behaving Somali twentysomethings breeze by, are a bit like the drunk who's looking for his car keys on his hands and knees in the light cone of a streetlamp. A passerby asks the drunk: "Did you lose your keys here?" whereupon the drunk replies " no. wazzn't... here. But o'er here... zhe light iz better... hips!..°*°°"....

Madam Emma Knyckare is that drunk. The problem isn't authochton Swedish men. The likes of Emma Knyckare sliced their balls off decades ago. The problem is 200,000 plus MUSLIM men which were allowed to invade the World's "Humanitarian Superpower". Yet Knyckare and Co refuse to face reality, refuse to differentiate between a born and bred male Swede and a "new" Swede from Mogadishu.

The problem is obvious to everyone possessing at least a 1-digit IQ. The perpetrators, the guys who are groping for female genitalia, are Middle Eastern or North African men. It's NOT Lars and it's NOT Dag and it's NOT Bjorn and it ain't Benny either, for that matter.

But the solution of a Swedish feminist is taking away THEIR music festival - after they took away their masculinity first.

Good luck with that.


Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Via PI News.

Bruegg is a town in the Swiss canton of Bern with around 4,300 inhabitants. The video shows a two-minute drive through the town center. According to the commentary, the Africans to the left and right of the street are on their way towards some festival.

This is what happens when a native population adamantly REFUSES to procreate.


Monday, July 17, 2017


He spelled it all out clearly eleven years ago, and yet the Western world still refuses to acknowledge this basic fact: we are dying out.

I blame my own generation, Generation X. Very apt, in fact. "X". Not XY, not XX. Neither Real Women, nor Real Men. The Half-Generation, the adolescents who never grew up. The now fifty- and sixtysomethings who still go to rock concerts, feverishly clinging to a past that's forever gone. The unwise and foolish virgins, or non-virgins, who were prepared to wait forever until Mr Best Of Everything came along. The ball-less guys who grew so scared of women that they never got to the point to actually ask a broad out. Many of them still live in the same room in their parents' house where long ago they played with Matchbox cars and Lego.


Saturday, July 15, 2017


Red Hot Chili Peppers with My friends. Album One Hot Minute (1995).

RHCP have been around since 1983. Kiedis and Flea are the only constant members thus far.

Siouxsie and the Banshees with Kiss them for me. From the 1991 album Superstition.

Famous postpunk band. If you didn't know that her real name is the somewhat more prosaic Susan Janet Ballion, you know it now.

Sorry for the very light blogging, but it's been an terrible past two weeks.

Goede nacht.


Saturday, July 08, 2017


Via our Brothers-in-Arms at Gates of Vienna, an interesting video from Italy, where last Tuesday, in Milan, a new political movement, aimed specifically against islamization, has seen the light:

It's the PAI, for Partitio Anti Islamizzazione, and while Italian politics with it's 432 PM's post WWII and it's many parties is often a joke, the emergence of this particular new movement - not yet a genuine political party alas - is something out of the ordinary. It's a sign of the growing wariness among Europe's indigenous populations of the gruesome character of islam and its adherents.

I must however caution against being too optimistic about this, since the PAI, the brainchild of journalist Stefano Cassinelli and orthodox priest Alessandro Meluzzi, is not against islam, but against 'forced islamization'. It's a major intellectual error since everywhere islam gets a toehold, nothing that follows is voluntary, save perhaps the conversions of deluded souls, and their sorry state is itself a symptom of Europe's problems.

In short, you can't have an islam without forced islamization.


Friday, July 07, 2017


Outlaw Mike hereby officially declares PRESIDENT Trump a Conservative.

For me, this speech holds added importance since, being myself married to a Polish gal, I have been able to witness on numerous occasions the indomitable spirit of Poland and the Poles firsthand. And I am mightily PROUD that our children are half Polish, for that matter.

President Trump's speech was a masterstroke in several respects. WHAT he said rang as music in my ears. THAT he said it before the G20 summit, as a not so subtle snub against Europes suicidal 'elites' was wonderful. And WHERE he said it, in front of a Memorial commemmorating the magnificent two-month uprising of the Polish people in their capital against the full armored might of the nazis...

... was brilliant.

I have no time to elaborate, but Breitbart has an excellent article on the speech. I can highly recommend it.

"This is my first visit to Central Europe as President, and I am thrilled that it could be right here at this magnificent, beautiful piece of land. It is beautiful. Poland is the geographic heart of Europe, but more importantly, in the Polish people, we see the soul of Europe. Your nation is great because your spirit is great and your spirit is strong.

For two centuries, Poland suffered constant and brutal attacks. But while Poland could be invaded and occupied, and its borders even erased from the map, it could never be erased from history or from your hearts. In those dark days, you have lost your land but you never lost your pride.

So it is with true admiration that I can say today, that from the farms and villages of your countryside to the cathedrals and squares of your great cities, Poland lives, Poland prospers, and Poland prevails.

Poland is a land of great heroes. And you are a people who know the true value of what you defend.

The triumph of the Polish spirit over centuries of hardship gives us all hope for a future in which good conquers evil, and peace achieves victory over war."

The pas few months have been very testing and depressing, but President Trump is a beacon radiating Hope. REAL Hope.