Friday, March 23, 2018


Via Gates of Vienna. Demos like this are heartening to see, but it took an extraordinary amount of Cultural Enrichment before enough Cottbusians could be bothered to hold it in the first place.

What is distressing is that far too many Germans in cities and areas where Cultural Enrichment is somewhat less can't see the writing on the wall.

Anyway, the UK or France don't come even close to show a comparable degree of resistance against a government acting against its own people.


Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Paul Joseph Watson, editor-at-large at has a thing or two to say about Sweden:


Monday, March 19, 2018


A girl to watch. 22-year old Laura Southern made the documentary "Farmlands", thereby doing what western media adamantly refuse to...

... namely report on the demise of Africa's wealthiest country and the slow genocide of its original inhabitants, the White farmers.



Our Waffenbrueder over at Gates of Vienna continue to post very relevant videos. Here is one telling the story of a Swedish countess (!), Natalie Contessa of Sandeberg, who recently moved from Sweden to Hungary for security reasons.

Here's the gist of the story, via Hungarian Ambiance:

"Swedish-Hungarian Natalie Contessa af Sandeberg has moved from Stockholm to Hungary because of security reasons; she told channel M1 TV that currently, Hungary is one of the safest countries in Europe due to lack of migrants.

The interview was broadcasted by M1 TV on Friday. Natalie Contessa af Sandeberg whose mother is Hungarian told the interviewer: Hungary is unlike Sweden, Germany or Austria, which are flooded with migrants; the Swedish media is deliberately slanting the news on the refugee crisis including what really has been happening in Stockholm where Natalie lived.

Public security in the Swedish capital has been drastically deteriorated in the last two or three years.

She recalled that one morning on her way to work she was attacked by a migrant in the subway. In vain, she cried out for help; but nobody helped because everybody was afraid, and the police did not come either. Finally, she managed to run away from the attacker.

Natalie Contessa af Sandeberg added that many policemen are also quitting their jobs because they are not protected either.

Many Swedes have a hard time to get a job at the university hospital where she worked where about eighty percent of her colleagues were immigrants, including doctors and nurses.

She also said school teachers regularly threatened by migrant students with knife, and children getting robbed on the street in broad daylight. This is yet another reason why many families planning to leave Sweden.

Natalie Contessa af Sandeberg said she was not a racist; she merely recounts her experiences - Sweden is flooded by migrants who intimidate, and threaten local citizens and most companies are in favor of hiring migrants.

She also added that the Swedish government provides generous benefits to immigrants but they do not appreciate it, instead they threaten indigenous Swedes who leave the country in increasing numbers; most of her friends have already left Sweden said the Swedish-Hungarian woman."

I would advise freedom-loving people, in particular in the Anglosphere, to hold fast to your rights and to expect the worst re government scrutiny.

I don't want to sound like I am panicking, but I would counsel to err on the side of caution. Throughout the (Western) EU, there's a now unmistakable trend towards huge government control and a veritable crackdown on freedom of speech, in particular where it concerns criticism of the EU's multicultural ideology. Examples are galore:

a.) In Germany, Heiko Maas' Netzwerkdurchsetzungsgesetz in effect since January 2018

Heiko Maas, Germany's 21st century version of a Joseph Goebbels/Roland Freisler

b.) In France, where Boy Macron wants a law against 'fake news'.

c.) In the UK, which has (briefly) detained, and refused entry to the country, Martin Sellner of the Identitaeren and his girlfriend Brittany Prettibone, because they wanted to give a speech at London's Speaker's Corner.

d.) Sweden: see the story above but it's much worse than that.


There is overwhelming evidence that Europe, at least the European Union, is now sliding inexorably towards a gigantic police state. As catastrophic demographic trends continue, and with the migrant's strong inclination to gravitate to government jobs, the evolution towards a EUSSR will only accelerate.

To Americans in particular: more background checks are needed to verify amongst others the mental sanity of gun buyers, but under no circumstances should the 2nd Amendment be repealed.

To make sure Americans get it, let me repeat it.


Stick to your guns. It's the ONLY way to block government tyranny.


Sunday, March 11, 2018


Via The Daily Mail Online, March 11, 2018:

"A brutal sex gang raped as many as 1,000 young girls over 40 years in what may be Britain's 'worst ever' child abuse scandal.

Girls in the town of Telford, Shropshire, were drugged, beaten and raped at the hands of a grooming gang active since the 1980s.

Allegations are said to have been mishandled by authorities, with many perpetrators going unpunished, while it is claimed similar abuse continues in the area, reports the Sunday Mirror.

Home Office figures show there were 15.1 child sex crimes reported per 10,000 residents in the year to September 2015.

Telford's population is 155,000 – meaning a potential 225 victims.

Telford's Conservative MP, Lucy Allan, has previously called for a Rotherham-style inquiry into the allegations and called the latest reports 'extremely serious and shocking'.

'There must now be an independent inquiry into child sexual exploitation in Telford so that our community can have absolute confidence in the authorities,' she told the paper.

A mother and four teenage girls have been linked to the allegations of abuse.

Lucy Lowe, 16, died alongside her mother and sister after the man who had been abusing her, 26-year-old Azhar Ali Mehmood, set fire to their house.

The taxi-driver first targeted Lucy in 1997. She gave birth to his child when she was just 14."

Any time now, as soon as Ashley Judd, Jennifer Lawrence, Gloria Allred, Gwyneth Paltrow and Alyssa Milano are done with lambasting President Trump for his locker room talk 10 years ago, they will go after Mubarek Ali and Co. Count on it!

I have been mulling this over. We're talking here about 1,000 plus girls who have been raped, tortured and sometimes even killed by muslim men.

Great Britain has for a couple of decades now been slipping towards becoming Small Britain. The UK today is not the UK anymore that I loved, cherished and respected. Enormous swaths of the population are morally degraded. I remember how some ten years ago, while on vacation in Scotland, one evening in Stirling on the lookout for a restaurant we encountered a bunch of girls of age 12 or thereabout... dressed up like little prostitutes.

It is one thing to allow hordes of muslims in your country. It is another when parents clearly forsake their duties to raise their children responsibly.

But even so, it would be foolish to assume that among the close to 2,000 parents of abused girls in Telford there wouldn't be a still somewhat sizeable group of morally upright people.

It is impossible that ALL of the parents of the children involved couldn't care less about who is sexually exploiting their offspring.

There must be another explanation for the deafening silence of those parents.

And I fear that this explanation may lie in a climate of terror instilled by the muslim population.

People are possibly afraid to speak out, lest they are being murdered.

How long are the indigenous people of Europe going to deny the MORTAL THREAT posed by their rapidly growing muslim communities?

How long are we going to tolerate the leftist and green scum who are hellbent on letting in even more followers of the planet's most vile 'religion'?

Any politician, judge, constable, newsman, whatever, who would want to adress the perpetrators in this newest grooming scandal as 'Asian men' should be slapped, no, PUNCHED in the face, and stripped of his or her functions. The perpetrators were and are MUSLIMS, and it is of crucial importance to understand that from their POV... they didn't do anything wrong. Because infidel girls are fair game.

Failure to understand this will lead to this horrible state of affairs continuing elsewhere.


Saturday, March 10, 2018


Maria McKee with Sweetest Child.

Singer/songwriter from LA/CA, ex Lone Justice.

Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band with Main Street. Album Night Moves (1977).

Aaaahhh... Brings a smile to your face!

Luka Bloom with Rescue Mission. Album Riverside (1990).

Irish singer/songwriter, real name Kevin Barry Moore, from County Kildare in Ireland. The 'Luka' is a nod to Suzanne Vega's song. 'Bloom' is from Leopold Bloom, the main character in James Joyce's Ulysses.

Yes with Owner of a Lonely Heart. Album 90215 (1983).

English progrock band formed in London FIFTY years ago around Jon Anderson, still around despite a hiccup or two.

All of these songs have been featured before on DowneastBlog because I can't find my thing in contemporary stuff anymore - is it just me, but it's so hard to find good material. Dunno what's wrong with the current music scene and it's not that I'm a dinosaur (well okay, maybe a little one), but I fail to discern promising bands. Even the ones who seem to be getting off with good material peter out after a few good songs, like Tame Impala. Is it because all the Spotify and other nonsense have cut off the money flow to new bands? Or is it because milennials suck in just about everything? Or a combination of the two? If anyone has suggestions, spill please.




I have discovered an Anti-Le Grand Remplacement French site, it's called Réseau Libre (somewhat loosely translated as Free Network).

The following is a post dealing with the occupation of a 70-bed home for the elderly in the Atlantic city of Nantes:

"Avec l’active collaboration des associations pro-vermine, les babouins s’emparent d’une maison de retraite à Nantes. On notera que la police est rapidement arrivée sur place jeudi, a observé puis…. est repartie. Aussitôt les babouins sont arrivés en nombre dans cet immeuble doté de 70 chambres individuelles, cuisine complète, etc etc et doté de toutes les commodités.

Johanna Rolland, la salope pro-gnoule maire PS de Nantes et présidente de Nantes Métropole, a affirmé avoir décidé de ne pas demander le recours de la force publique car «il n’y aura pas d’évacuation jusqu’à la fin de la trêve hivernale». Notons que cette vieille pute est déjà dans le « Racailloscope » de Réseau Libre."


"With the active collaboration of pro-vermin associations, the baboons invaded and occupied a home for the elderly in Nantes. One will notice that police arrived quickly on the scene Thursday, observed the situation... and went away. Soon the baboons arrived in great number in this building with 70 individual rooms, a complete kitchen, etc etc and equipped with all commodities.

Johanna Rolland, the pro-vermin Parti Socialiste bitch [serving as] mayor of Nantes and chairwoman of Nantes metropolis, has confirmed that there will be no resorting to the use of force [to remove the squatters, MFBB] because "there will be no evacuation until the end of the winter respite". Notice that this old (expletive) has been for some time in Réseau Libre's "Racailloscope"."

I provide some stills from the video:

The breakdown of public order cannot be tolerated. If it takes guys and gals using stronger language than grandma would approve of, so be it. On this blog I have myself used coarse language time and again, and will continue to do so, and I'm not taking anything back. Because part of the problem is that we seem to have lost the ability to get real angry, and this attitude, or the lack thereof, is exactly what emboldens this scum.

Don't come whining that these people have the right to take these premises because otherwise they wouldn't have a roof over their heads in winter. That's bool. They shouldn't be here in the first place. The behaviour on display is a telling hint of the mechanisms which have led to their countries of originbecoming, and staying, shitholes. To expect this unruly mob to become model citizens here when they couldn't be model citizens over there is the height of folly.

If you think RL's language is hate speech, and there's some reason to think of that that way, ask yourself who is responsible for it in the first place. Go take a look at their homepage and try to put yourself in their place:

They all seem twentysomethings and they all feel betrayed by the French government, and with reason. If it's OK for our moral betters to feel indignation over the fact that for some 50 to 60 years small contingents of westerners colonized entire peoples on other continents, then Jean-Marie, Christine, Philippe and Sophie have every right to feel the same indignation over the reverse process, because that's what it amounts to.

You can understand their indignation even more when you consider that, say, the Indians, numbering perhaps 400 million, had to "endure" the presence of a mere 25,000 or so Brits who NEVER had the intention to replace the locals and, when they called it quits, left behind a road network, basic infrastructure with decent schools and hospitals, a functioning judiciary and what not, and guess what, at the end of it India was still populated by Indians. BY CONTRAST, the reverse colonization those 'Bio-Frenchmen and -women' are witnessing is one that will FOREVER change the very nature and face of la douce France... and what THESE colonists will leave behind when they are done... well, you get the picture. India stayed India, and was better for it. France will not stay France, and will be infinitely worse. The young people of Réseau Libre feel that their future is being taken away. One cannot blame them for using the French equivalent of the F-word. Au contraire.


Thursday, March 08, 2018


But only to women who DESERVE it, like e.g.:

Congrats girl and you're smoking hot!!!

... not to sanctimoniuous, dour, malignant, humorless, spoiled rotten, hypocritic, frigid-leaning-lesbian bitches.


Tuesday, March 06, 2018


The Miles brothers: Harry, Herbert, Joseph, and Earle, were film and cinema pioneers in San Francisco. They are best known for "A trip down Market Street", a 12-minute film shot from a cable car conductor's POV. I stumbled upon it following a LiveScience link that's got info on footage from the SF Earthquake of 1906. Fate and good fortune intervened for this gem so that today, we can get a glimpse of what traffic and life was like then in the bustling metropolis. Because it is now assumed that the filmreel was sent by train to New York the night before the earthquake struck, and among the 28,000 buildings it destroyed was the one housing the Miles Brothers' studio!

For me, this Trip clip is also a trip down memory lane, cause in 1995, almost 90 years after the devastating earthquake, I walked myself down Market Street. That summer, I was going to travel the length of the US's West Coast up northwards starting from Frisco with a small international group, and, having arrived two days before them, I found myself with nothing to do but reconnoitre the area. I was staying in the Ramada Hotel on Market Street; walked to its northern end. I also remember strolling over Union Square. Anyway, on Google Earth I checked out how the Ramada was doing these days, and I found out it's now Hotel Whitcomb.

Ah... memories!!!


Sunday, March 04, 2018


Real good sci-fi is hard to come by, and many authors have trodden down the same old paths. It takes a Gary Gibson to outshine the others using the usual themes.

But Adrian Tchaikovsky's 'Children of Time' is different. It's a novel approach, mixing evolution (actually two evolutions, one petering out, another one coming up) and longevity. I won't say no more. Get it:

And if you don't believe me, in 2016 it got the Arthur C. Clarke Award, which is saying something.



Saturday, March 03, 2018


In case you ever wondered how long DowneastBlog has been online, well, last month we passed the 15-year mark. Huzzah!!!

Jawohl indeed, the very first post dates from 11 FEB 2003, although it wasn't written by me. I was hauled on board in 03 allright, but only later in the year, around November, on the invitation of one of the three founding members, Kerry D. (it's a decision she may have come to regret). The other two were Tom D. and Scott F. At the time, they all hailed from Maine, more precisely the south around New Brunswick, which I understand is called the Downeast, hence the blog's name (another question that may or may not have been nagging you).

Anyway, I guess I must have bored them to death since after around 5 and a half years the last one, Scott, quit posting so that today, only yours truly remains trying to bore YOU to death.

And since this is also a Saturday you will forgive Me, Myself and I a fitting celebratory song for having held out so long!

Thx for tuning in and see ya in 2033!


Friday, March 02, 2018


It was a week with quite a few ominous signs for those of us with cream-colored faces. Before I go any further, I'd like to point out to readers not belonging to that club that if you have noticed I'm going down that route, it's rather by outward design than by my own choice. I remember the days when I was barely aware of my being white. As a student in Ghent in the early eighties, among my fellow students and acquaintances there was a Vietnamese, Moroccans, a Congolese (or at least a subsaharan African), and others. I mingled as freely with them as if they were chaps from under the church spires in the villages adjacent to mine.

Many years of leftist fuckwads screaming racism and white supremacy have left their mark though. Maybe it was never their intention that they would actually make us more aware of what we are, and Burke's Law of Unintended Consequences is at work here. Or maybe it was their intention all along, instilling hatred among different groups just because the left thrives on conflicts.

Either way, even if it had been the latter, I still might not have identified as White per se.


... I have noticed that where I subconciously somewhat hoped that people of other races would not fall for the leftist ploy to sow division among brown, white, black, red and yellow ... there seem to be too many cases where exactly that is the case. Even worse, significant subgroups of other races seem to eagerly embrace the idea of whitey being pitted against all the rest. In my darker moments, I sometimes muse that they are longing for some global 'Day of Reckoning' against the race that gave the world the automobile, aeroplane, computers and space ships, amongst others. Why, in the week that was, there was the African-American twats doing yoga in Costa Rica while 'taking a break from Whites'. There was the South African government announcing the seizing of land without compensation from White farmers. And, perhaps most ominous of all, the revelation that the new Irish PM, a Leo Varadkar, son of an Indian immigrant and an Irish nurse, intends to move 1 million Third Worlders to Eire in a barely disguised Population Replacement experiment.

And so, whether I like it or not, I do indeed find myself sliding towards a position where it's 'so you really wanna play that game??? Oooo-kay, you'll get what you want. I'm in'.

As for the example I mentioned above, the Irish had it coming, what with their recent warming up to loony lefty dadas. Be careful what you wish for, I says. Though in fairness, Varadkar the gay multiculti pantywaist was never elected by the people to be their taoiseach. Instead, it was the top brass creeps of Fine Gael putting him in the PM post, a top brass that, having fanatically pushed for gay marriage and normalizing abortion, gave the distinct impression of wanting to be even more fashionable than the self-hating, non-replicating, gay-smitten, gaia-worshipping continental leftozoids.

Via Breitbart, 24 FEB 2018:

"The Irish government has been slammed for paying journalists to write good news stories about Project Ireland 2040.

Unveiled by the government last week with a commitment to spend €116 billion, the document outlines plans to boost the Irish nation’s 4.7 million population by another million using mass migration.

The government’s strategic communications unit paid for sponsored “news pieces” to appear in national and regional newspapers promoting Ireland 2040, which “could not include negative or critical content”, The Times reported on Friday.

Speaking in the Irish parliament, or Dáil, opposition leader Micheál Martin branded the government’s use of the media to promote its scheme “ethically dubious”.

“The blurring of the lines is genuinely worrying from a parliamentary democracy point of view,” he said.

“The Taoiseach will say he is promoting the government, but the dogs on the street know he is using taxpayers’ money to promote Fine Gael politically.”

Project Ireland 2040 has been slammed on social media as a “pyramid scheme” to enrich investors by adding consumers at taxpayers’ expense, and as a globalist programme to “replace” the native population.


The government has also come under attack for plans to open a centre for 115 asylum seekers in a heritage town home to one of Ireland’s oldest traditional festivals.

Local media reports that on Friday a public meeting called to discuss the plans was attended by more than 100 concerned locals, many of whom argued the town of just 300 residents lacks the services needed to cater for so many new arrivals.

Mass migration from the third world has been a controversial topic in recent months, with reports that gangs of teenagers of African origin are terrorising locals across Dublin.

The criminal youths are “wreaking havoc” throughout the capital, according to police, who say the offences “[range] from shouting and intimidating old people in large groups to assaulting and robbing people of all ages, often with deadly weapons such as large knives.”

We have reported here earlier on criminal Nigerian gangs wreaking havoc in Dublin, or the nice African customs Irish landlords have to get used to.

Along comes Leo Varadkar with his snake oil, promising that he will spread the multiculti enrichment and progress of which thus far the capital has been the main beneficiary, over all of Eire.

It can be posited with mathematical certainty that if this social engineering folly would be allowed to go forward as planned, Ireland will suffer a fate akin to Rhodesia and, soon, South Africa.

I've been three times to Ireland so far and I like the Irish (though as a people I find them somewhat of the navel-staring kind, but then all of us euros have our peculiarities).

I fell in love with Queen's View outside Killarney, munched a modest hiker's meal near the highest loch in the McGillycuddy Reeks, stood on top of Carrauntoohil, walked the holy grounds of Glendalough, marveled at the beauty of Powerscourt Castle and its breathtaking gardens, went up Lugnaquilla, enjoyed the summer sun and Riviera sand in Barley Cove, walked the streets in quaint Clifden, took pics of our son near the Alcock and Brown monument, enjoyed a barista's latte macchiato in Longford of all places, climbed Croagh Patrick and looked out over magnificent Clew Bay, visited Gallarus Oratory, Bantry House, and Newgrange, mused at Heinrich Böll's cottage on Achill Island, looked out from Conor and Healey Pass, read W.B. Yeats poems in Lissadel House (and prayed at his grave with Ben Bulben at the horizon), took pics of the transatlantic cable monument on Valentia Island, and looked awestruck at the volumes and volumes and volumes and volumes of learned books in Trinity College's Long Room Library:

Oh, and I'd like to climb Errigal and Mount Brandon too.

So, NO. No Nigerian gangs robbing the Irish citizens from the Blasket Islands to County Donegal. To paraphrase Obummer, the future must not belong to those who will slander Edmund Burke, prove to be lousy stewards of guided Boyne battlefield tours and even lousier ones of famine cottages on Dingle, and generally lay waste to the Emerald Island. If Varadkar per se wants to suck Nigerian dicks, let him do so in Lagos (and stay there).

If this madness will come to pass, the Irish have not only the right, but also the duty, to take up arms and fight their government.

With deadly force.


Thursday, March 01, 2018


It has come to this. Via Daily Mail, 1 March 2018:

"Marine Le Pen was today facing up to three years in prison after being charged with tweeting 'monstrous' Islamic State images including one of the terrorist group beheading an American journalist.

The 49-year-old leader of France's far-Right National Front has denied any wrongdoing, but now faces trial in the Paris suburb of Nanterre.

Beyond the three-years in prison, prosecutors can also demand a maximum fine equivalent to £67,000."

Marine Le Pen's unspeakable crime? Tweets including photos with the text:



She also tweeted a photo of the beheaded James Foley, which she removed after that naive man's parents complained.

The implication of this conviction is of tremendous importance, since it signals the de facto capitulation of France's judicial system to its future overlords, the followers of the prophet - while it has no qualms about sending law-abiding citizens to the slammer for pointing out the obvious.

Marine Le Pen's conviction is a replay of the old stories of yore in which hapless messengers of bad news were punished, sometimes with death as a result. Which, naturally, did nothing to counter the threat of which the messenger brought news.

Today, France is silencing Marine Le Pen. Meanwhile, its inner cities fall prey to chaos and mayhem and the REAL perpetrators of crimes are let free:

And ALL of those who do this are IS sympathizers.

As George Orwell said, "In times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."


Wednesday, February 28, 2018


You're welcome.